Merrillstone offers a truly exceptional thin veneer, natural stone product for both residential and commercial projects. Begun in 2011 as a division of G.S. Harris Co., Inc. (Harristone), Merrillstone draws on more than 50 years of manufactured stone experience.

By focusing on producing the highest quality thin veneer, Merrillstone is able to offer the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Their use of 100% natural stone sets them apart, and assures that you’ll get the same timeless appeal, but at a great savings.

Just as PRB® focuses on timely and accurate order processing, so does Merrillstone. Combine that with our shared passion for customer service and building long term relationships, and PRB® and Merrillstone make a great team to bring you the true beauty of natural stone, while saving you time and money.

For additional information and technical data, please visit the Merrillstone website.


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